Sedation Dentistry

At Peachtree Corners Dentistry, we use laughing gas and oral sedation for a wide variety of in-house services. Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable, calm, and relaxed through any dental treatment or dental procedure.

Sedation Dentistry in Peachtree Corners, GA

Dental sedation is a medical procedure that reduces physical pain caused by dental treatment or anxiety during the procedure. It makes the experience more comfortable and helps our staff perform dental work more effectively. Our clinic offers two types of dental sedation: laughing gas and oral conscious sedation.

Laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide, is the mildest form of sedation. It is administered through a small mask that delivers a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, which helps you relax during the procedure.

Oral sedation is a slightly more powerful sedative. About an hour before your dental treatment, you will be given a pill to swallow. This will make you feel drowsy and relaxed but will not put you to sleep. The dosage of the pill will depend on the level of sedation required for your procedure.

Dentist providing laughing gas while working on a patient.
  • What types of sedation can I receive?

    At Peachtree Corners Dentistry, we offer our patients two types of sedation: laughing gas (nitrous oxide) and oral conscious sedation.

    Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide)

    This is an easy sedation technique where nitrous oxide gas is pumped into the patient’s nose to inhale.


    • A sense of calm
    • Reduced feeling of many sensations
    • Reduces pain and anxiety
    • Short-acting sedation


    • Able to drive home
    • Normal feeling shortly after the procedure

    Oral Conscious Sedation

    This deeper form of sedation gives the patient a fuzzy memory of the appointment.


    • Awake and responsive, but the world seems blurry
    • “Very sleepy” feeling
    • No pain or sensations


    • Must have a driver
    • Must fast the night before
  • What is laughing gas and what does it do?

    Nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as laughing gas, is a mild sedative that can help reduce your anxiety. It will not put you to sleep. It’s colorless and odorless and its usefulness stems from its ability to quickly work and safely reverse its effects. It is a widely considered safe dental sedation method.

    We offer nitrous oxide for our patients to ensure they are comfortable and relaxed for any procedure.

  • What should I expect with oral conscious sedation?

    Depending on the dosage, oral sedation is a minimal to moderate form of sedation. About an hour before your treatment, you will be administered a pill to take orally. This will leave you feeling drowsy and relaxed but will not put you to sleep.

More Questions About Sedation Dentistry?

If you think sedation might help your anxiety at the dentist, give us a call and we'd be happy to discuss it further with you.

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